Sunday, September 21, 2008

Illustration Friday: Clique

Clique of fishes. Submission for the Custom 52 Playing Cards Set.

Clique of evil sneakers robbers. Two drafts for a sneaker-magazine.


SENTA said...

EEK runaway, little guy! These are great, you have a really nice style.

Juan said...

Great illustrations!

damon said...

so cool

love it

Joanie said...

Very cool! I like these a lot especially the mermaid.

eachean said...

All are very nice.

Panji Nushantara said...

nice style ,
love the colors.

btw, what's your medium?

I mainly use pencil and right now practice corel painter + pen tablet. I post my works on my hand sketch blog.

keep on posting the good stuffs.